DADU: Future Shack 2010/ Homes for a Lifetime of Living
AIA Future Shack Award Winner/The Seattle Times
“This is truly the future of the future, and it sets a fine example......” Read the Article.

A Hat Island home is built for tranquillity
The Seattle Times
“The beachfront pavilion is low and open: living, dining, kitchen. The two-story bunkhouse behind it is a contemporary den for sleeping and reading: five bedrooms......” Read the Article.

Hat Island Residence: The Natural
“There are two distinct buildings comprising the home: a single-level, glass-festooned kitchen and dining space for public gathering, and a more enclosed, two-story private structure with sleeping quarters.” View the PDF.

Locke Residence: Let it Float
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine
“For two Seattle architects, updating a Paul Kirk split-level meant honoring an artist in transition—and keeping the owner happy, too.” Read the Article.

Olympic Escape
Seattle Homes & Lifestyles
Read the Article.

AIA Home of the Month: Rambler Redo
Seattle Magazine NW Home
“...the owners dreamed of creating a signature look blending contemporary Northwest design elements with Asian influences.“ Read the Article.

Fuoco Liu Residence: The Basement Steps Out Into the Light
New York Times
“There, in place of a dank warren of concrete walls, a washer and dryer, and cluttered storage, they now have a serene bedroom and a bathroom trimmed in green tile and Douglas fir.” Read the Article.

Apartment 2842: Inside Job
Seattle Times, Pacific Northwest Magazine
"We hoped to introduce some modern architecture to an older shell.” Read the Article.

Zum Fitness Club: A Zen-like Temple for the Physically Fit
AIA Project of the Month/Daily Journal of Commerce
“Sheltered behind massive steel-plate doors with arcing handles and a logo cut into the metal, Zum appears on the street like an enigma.” View the PDF.

42nd Street Condos: Unique, Charming and Multi-family
AIA Home of the Month/AIA Project of the Month/Daily Journal of Commerce
“How do you package the easy living of an apartment with the identity and community feel of a house?” View the PDF.

42nd Street Condos: Nice Modernist Award
The clients for the 42nd Street Condos received a Nice Modernist Award from Dwell Magazine for their support of modern design excellence as represented by this project.

42nd Street Condos: AIA Home of the Month, Stacked for Style
Seattle Times, Pacific Northwest Magazine
“What once was a worn single-family home in a residential/commercial area a block off Aurora Avenue has morphed into four stylish condominiums.” Read the Article.

42nd Street Condos: Stacked Condos are designed to make the most of space, view
Seattle Times
“This project has the right blend of art and architecture.” Read the Article.

First Christian Reformed Church
AIA Honor Award Commendation/Daily Journal of Commerce
The First Christian Church received an AIA Honor Award Commendation for its simple, elegant, modern design and ease of function. Read the Article.

First Christian Reformed Church: New Work
Arcade Magazine
“This form demonstrates volumetric success…severe and simple, artfully contrasted with comfort, beauty…” View the PDF.

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